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Actors, Dancers, Clowns, Physical Theatre artists.
Directors, Choreographers, Teachers.


European Teaching Tour postponed until 2021

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Creative Mentorship

Ira's approach to mentorship is simple, direct, effective immediately and long term. His Creative Mentorship has worked repeatedly with a variety of individuals and their specific talents, skills, needs and current predicaments. "Creative Mentorship" is a template for long-distance Professional Development. For more information, contact Ira.


Ira views clown and acting as a dynamic interaction, the quantum essence of performance. The essence of your individual fingerprint of creativity is heightened in Ira's work. You will organically discover lessons that enhance a career at any stage from novice to veteran performer. See the Clown page.

The Seidenstein Method

Quantum Theatre: Slapstick to Shakespeare is an economical way to reinvigorate ones own theatre practice by using universal principles. The Seidenstein Method is organic and logical. It incorporates a breadth of ideas, techniques and cultural inheritance that contemporary theatre possesses. Ira's exercises leave space for an actor to use any of their previous trainings or experience. See the Method page.

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