​ISAAC - International School for Acting And Creativity

“A different way of seeing, feeling, perceiving.”
The Australian

Four female clowns in action during acting and creativity workshop with Ira Seidenstein in Paris, 2010.
  1. ISAAC – re-evolutionary training for actors, performers, directors, teachers, playwrights.
  2. ISAAC – ongoing international workshops, mentorship, and directing projects.
  3. ISAAC – network of companies, teachers, directors, performers internationally using and adapting The Seidenstein Method (see the Associates page on this website).

ISAAC Practical Format

​Dr. Seidenstein is the originator of ISAAC integrated training for actors, performers, directors.
ISAAC integrated training works on three levels: Training; Study; Complementary.

A) TRAINING – Warm-up/Training, Classes, Rehearsal/Performance
B) STUDY – based on a trilogy of; Embodied Practices, Integral Learning, Creativity. This holistic approach of body-mind-spirit is Dr. Seidenstein’s PhD Thesis “From the Liminal to the Visceral”.
C) COMPLEMENTARY – various subjects in theatre are linked and studied as holograms in theatre that excels
All of the training and classes in ISAAC are clear, practical, immediately usable. The underlying method and principles in ISAAC are adapted and used internationally by actors, dancers, physical theatre performers as well as directors, choreographers and teachers.


​The foundation of ISAAC Training is morning warm-ups. Warm-ups in ISAAC are clear, organic, concise, precise.
There will be three warm-ups taught on alternating days each week:
#1 The Four Articulations Warm-up is the main practical training in ISAAC
#2 Quantum 5-Part Warm-up
#3 Hardcore Movement Conditioning for strength, flexibility, endurance.

Dr. Seidenstein will lead each warm-up until Participants can lead them with his supervision and clarification. Thereafter each Participant will be able to confidently take the techniques, exercises, principles away and share them with friends, colleagues, fellow actors, companies.


​In ISAAC, the Warm-up/Training’s principles are proved to apply organically to any performance subject. Each day the Class is on the focus subject. Each Participant is guided to integrate the ISAAC principles through: Application / Adaptation / Interpretation.For example in the initial period the subject “Shakespeare as a Tool for Theatre” moves beyond standard classes in Shakespeare. Shakespeare is treated as a Treasure Chest of Theatre, one that contains a vast range of characters, theatrical conventions, a huge array of clowns, a multitude of social relationships. and the whole spectrum of dramatised human emotions.

Other Treasure Chests of Theatre that Dr. Seidenstein assists the Participant to learn to tap include; Stanislavsky, Chaplin, Modern Dance, Literature, Art.


​After Class each day the Participants rehearse by alternately; working independently, and, working with the directorial assistance of Dr. Seidenstein as required. This is a daily professional lesson in how the intuitive and mechanical know-how of theatre is used practically. This is how the skills of integrated Directing are taught in ISAAC.Additional parts of ISAAC are:

a) Studio Time – for one hour Participants can rehearse, practice, train, talk, and have lunch.

b) Auxiliary Training – each Participant is encouraged to attend at least 2 classes per week in any of the following key physical techniques: Ballet, Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts. These classes one is to seek and pay for independently. Such classes normally last from 1 to 2 hours and usually cost $25 or less.

Ira Seidenstein