Terrence Price

​​Price and McCoy are the only act in the world continuing the tradition of Australian Knockabout Acrobatics. During twenty-five years, Price and McCoy have successfully combined their unique talents to recreate the excitement of vaudeville for the modern audience.

Terrence Price and Henning Pedersen, alias McCoy, both originate from Australia and are now resident in France. Their easy going natures and off-stage professionalism is equally appreciated by managements as well as show their colleagues.

​To whom it may concern.

I first met Mr Ira Seidenstein when we were each performing our stage shows at The Festival of Sydney in 1984.
His stage presence and quality of performance attracted my attention and I was happy to exchange our contacts.
When he moved to Sydney in 1985 he was able to take over my contract with Opera Australia's Romeo et Juliette,
directed by Sir Robert Helpmann.

Also during 1985 Ira helped me teach and perform with The Common Clown Company. Set up by my mentor, Mr Clete
Ball of the famous "Bal Caron Trio", the project was in fact a social program for troubled youth in the outer northern
suburbs of Sydney. Several of the youths went on to be professional performer themselves.

In 1990, I moved to Paris, along with my acrobatic partner Henning, our act/show being Price and McCoy, and soon
established ourselves as the leading comedy acrobatic act, certainly in Europe and possibly the world. So I feel I
have authority in declaring Ira a true master in his art. His devotion, knowledge, understanding and teaching
technique is unequalled.

In 2001 I was happy to entrust Ira Seidenstein as our artistic director for our full length show, Flip Flap Acrobat.
The show was a huge success and combined acrobatics with comedy, illusions, audience participation and clowning.
In 2007 and again in 2008 we called on Ira's to re-choreograph parts of our Price and McCoy 40 min show,
Acrobatic Madness, and again success followed success.

I now have a new performing company, combining elegance with acrobatics and comedy. "Compagnie En Plein Vol",
a leading performing troupe in Europe. I look forward to working with Ira on future projects, I treasure his valuable
input, as his broad knowledge and understanding is unsurpassed. My websites are included below.

I fully support ISAAC.

Yours sincerely,
Terrence Price

​​Price and McCoy
Compagnie En Plein Vol

Ira Seidenstein