Oliver Pollak

​Oliver Pollak is a mime artist, teacher and director based in Berlin, Germany.

​When I met Ira the first time, some 20 years ago, I was immediately drawn to him. The first thing one notices about him is his cheeky smile. But when you start working with him, you quickly understand how much knowledge, depth and dedication there is in this man, pursuing his art-form as much as finding the best and most efficient possible way to make me as his student understand, not only merely in technical terms, but to comprehend with my artistic performer spirit. The thing about Ira's teaching is, that it just works. It's a technique and a method. It not only shows you how things work, but how to make them work for you. You just learn, you can't help it. It marks you And it stays with you. As much as that cheeky smile of Ira.

Ira Seidenstein