Anna Yen

Anna Yen is a Brisbane-based performer, theatre maker, director and movement teacher whose work spans theatre, contemporary circus and film. Her PlayMoves - Movement Workshops for Performance integrate the Feldenkrais Method with ensemble exercises and games to train performers' presence, pleasure to play, and complicity with other performers.

Ira Seidenstein is 100% committed to assisting performers expand their creative potential in a way that is fully embodied, playful and unique to themselves. As a performer I found Ira’s Clown workshops liberating. His techniques capture universal performance principles and can be easily integrated with performers’ other training backgrounds. I really love his Four Articulations and Quantum Mechanics warm-up which are part of the foundation work for his method. Ira’s generosity as a teacher, and fine eye for what is working, coupled with an ability to offer constructive suggestions are a treasure.

Ira Seidenstein