Tree Stewart

Based in Cornwall, UK. Musician, circus, physical theatre performer and teacher.

Tree Stewart, in 2012, was the first person to do the I.S.A.A.C. Creative Mentorship.

Check out her band Emerald Dawn

She is also the director of Sky High Arts

Tree Stewart

Doing the mentorship with Ira was a dream come true. I met Ira in Edinburgh and took part in a number of his workshops. He really is a master of his craft and I loved every minute of working with him. A few years later when Ira announced that he was offering a year long mentorship, even if it was ‘remote’, I jumped at the chance. My life had been in upheaval and I had moved and I really needed to get back into training and performing again while also exploring from a new angle.

The mentorship was AMAZING! It reminded me and supported me in the discipline of daily training, got me exploring the sacred space of improvisation in a deeper way, gave me the base of my confidence back and gave my body, mind and soul the desire to perform again. Everything that we did still reverberates, I am still learning from that time and I know I will continue to do so.

As well as being a circus and physical theatre performer I am an artist and a musician - working with Ira has benefited all of these arts. On the outside it is a performance and training mentorship but on the inside it is a mentorship in life for life. I cannot recommend this mentorship highly enough for any performer from any discipline.

Ira Seidenstein