Oona Doherty

​​​Oona Doherty is a performance/visual Artist. The Guardian’s Top Ten Dance Productions 2019 awarded Oona Doherty in first place.

Oona first worked with Ira in 2009 with the mentorship of Ponydance Theatre company. And then again through Ponydance in 2013. Ira is a constant inspiration in her work and teaching.

​I have to say that Ira was the first teacher I had whose lessons and wisdom filtered into my life subliminally and subconsciously after the first meeting. It wasn't until 2010 in my work with Trash Dance Company that I fully became aware of the impact Ira had had; on not only on my performance technique/skills and drives. But also on my attitude as a human being and my work ethics. After this awakening I consciously strived to develop the metaphysical embodiment of characters in my work more clearly. I began teaching dance theatre in 2011 and was lucky to have another chance to dive-in and get lost with Ira in 2013. His commitment to the humble honesty the body can give. And the tools he provides artists in order to listen to that honesty. Cultivates imagination and therefore as an artist, creative possibilities. He is one of the leading forces and inspirations in my performance and choreographic work as well as my teaching.

I can only encourage any artist of any medium if you get the chance to play with the crazy clown, grab it like a bag of sweets! Unhierarchical sharing of potent wisdom like Ira's doesn't come around too often!

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