Olivia Moore

​Olivia Moore is a French comédienne and actress.

​I had the chance to work with Ira during 2 different seminars in 2012 and 2013 and this has been the most enriching acting experience I've had so far. Ira teaches with the greatest mind openness : whatever your level is, whatever your skills are, he takes you where you are and shows you the path to grow and go wherever you want. If I had to sum the workshop up in 3 words I would say : Freedom, Creativity and Work (and work once more ! 6 hours a day intensely playing, creating, experiencing, this workshop is obviously NOT for lazy people !)

In my practice as a french humorist, it gave me clear conscience of my body and what I was doing, or not, with it. I practice Ira's exercises every time I play (meaning several times a week) which clearly helps me gathering concentration and energy before playing. On stage, I can sometimes hear Ira's voice in my head "mind your arms, your elbows, your fingers" each time I'm about to drop them down : this is continuously enriching my choices on stage and I would recommend any comedian to do this work if he/she wants to get maturity in this work.

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