Nikolina Majdak

​​​Nikolina Majdak is a performer based in Zagreb, Croatia. She mainly explores the world of clown, street performance and different ways of physical performing.

​Ira is pleasure to work with.  

First of all, his knowledge about performing arts and culture and its history is amazing, and makes you always want to know more and to educate yourself further; it’s very inspiring. Then also, when it comes to working with him physically, in space, it’s mind opening as well. What I like and appreciate very much is that all the work comes 'down' to the body – the body to begin with, the body to work with and the body as a partner, as your own way to your subconscious, and your organic imagination. Then comes the simplicity, understanding the presence and slowing down. And then – working with a partner, and how to approach playing in a new way, through very structured exercises, that, if you respect them precisely, soon give you a chance of going far beyond the structure, in vast territory of play and possibilities, or to say freedom.

I respect the commitment with which Ira created his own method through the years, and I think of this system of exercises as an absolutely helpful and needed tool for any performing artist who is disciplined and committed enough and wants to explore his own creative possibilities more. Especially because in a practical way - it’s something you can do every day to begin with, and I mean it literally: even when you are alone in a training space, and often discouraged, not knowing where to begin and what to actually do with yourself (familiar?), you can just start with this structure of exercises, do them slowly one by one, and there you go... You’ve started something. Then of course always 'something else' comes…

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