Naree Shields

​​​Naree Shields holds a BA Communication (Theatre/ Media) & a Grad. Dip. Education (Drama/ English), from Charles Sturt University Bathurst. Since graduating in 1994, she has devised & performed street/circus theatre; toured TYP shows; facilitated theatre workshops; worked as a drama teacher and studied oriental philosophy & healing. Naree has been mentored by Dr Ira Seidenstein since 2006. She has created & performed original clown storytelling shows, including “Grumblebum & Goglow’s magic seed”, “Stories in a Suitcase” & “Gardener Growellu & the Pink Feather Boa”. Naree has worked collaboratively with Theatre of Living Light to devise “The Sacred Earth Spectacular” as well as assistant directing & performing in a site specific performance of “The Bacchae”. Naree works regularly with the Q Theatre Company as a tutor for Studio Q acting classes & was a director for “Flanno fest” 2009 & 10, a theatre festival for drama students in Western Sydney.

The Sensuous Woman. By Naree Shields.

​I create physical theatre/clown, through an embodied process that I have been cultivating over the past 10 years. My movement influences are my background in dance, martial arts training, yoga and tumbling and more recently the wisdom contained within Quantum Theatre developed by Ira Seidenstein.

My focus as an educator and an artist is cultivating work that is artistically rich, through an embodied process. My personal exploration is to uncover what really brings the body to life and enables authentic expression. I have found that
Ira Seidenstein’s methodology supports this ongoing discovery of embodiment, and provides both practical tools (Core Mechanics) and structure (The Four Articulations).

I often work with teenagers, and am constantly delighted at the results of our work together. - Time and time again, I see that once somebody discovers how to be fully in their body, the door to creativity opens and what lies behind that door is infinite possibility. The discipline that the Seidenstein method demands is a potent ally when working with teenagers.

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