Michelle Cajolet-Couture

​Michelle Cajolet-Couture is a Canadian performer & director based in France.

​The day I met Ira, a new journey began for me! What I get from Ira’s method is, first of all, a brand new keen « bullshit alarm ». About performance, performers, teachers, “preachers”, directors and about my own patterns. His method is concrete, simple, effective. No dogma. His exercises gave me a proper actor training for body, mind and creativity that I practice every day in my 10 foot square bedroom or anywhere else. His rigorous work showed me the value of being disciplined and the joy in that discipline. His knowledge has taught me to be more curious, to read, go to theatre, meet the “old” clowns, to ask questions. And his generosity has inspired me to share thoughts and discoveries. I apply his method in performance, directing, training, teaching, as well as in relationships, my career and to manage myself in everyday life. Meeting Ira was a major turning point for me; every day I am a little more independent, a little lighter, and a healthier artist.

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