Michaela Lind

​Michaela Lind is a Swedish performer who calls Brooklyn her home. She has trained in the theater arts, and performed all over the world. She holds a Ritual Performance Technique degree from City University of New York, where she traveled around the US to find the Heyoka. Has sung ABBA medley alongside Bejing’s Children’s opera in Bejing, performed butoh-acrobatic stilts with The Carpetbag Brigade and Circus Stella around the North Americas, performed in Slava Polunin’s backyard, and is bartending jewelry in Brooklyn, Stilt-wakling and singing Swedish A cappella around NYC to pay rent. She recently came back from PlayTheFOOL festival in Canada where she performed her own solo show, MY BIRTHDAY and finished a run at LaMaMa etc with the all female clown troupe show, The Bad Un’s. She is a member of Clown’s Ex Machina, The Drilling Company, and ARA Theater in NYC.

​Working with Ira is something like 'taking the vitamins' that you didn’t know you needed!

Ira's work is something concrete, it’s focused, it’s committed, and there is always a sense of play.  Training with Ira has been crucial for my inner development of awareness and sense of self, inside the given circumstances. One of the most powerful moments I have had was playing with Ira in one of his later exercises 'the Journey'. Through the concreteness of his exercises, this one in particular gave me the first glimpse of what it really means to be inside a partnership and duet. Ira’s method gives each and everyone a chance to excavate their own creativity and apply it to clown.

Ira’s professionalism, talent, honesty, patience, and passion for the work and his students is mind blowing,  you feel held by Ira, and it is a huge gift for a performer.

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