Leonie McDonagh

​​​Leonie McDonagh is artistic director of the award winning Ponydance (Northern Ireland and International).

Leonie mentors each of her company members towards their own work and maturing, long term relationships with her company. Following Ponydance’s success in NYC at La Mama and The American Dance Festival in 2013, in 2014 Leonie will be Resident Choreographer at The American Dance Festival. Ponydance has successfully created a new genre of performance that is dance yet deconstructs dance, is acting, theatre, comedy, clown and intimately engaging for every audience.

​Working with Ira was a hugely important experience and education for us as a company and me as a theatre-maker. He brought us to a new level of creativity and professionalism, it really was remarkable, I always try to work with him at every given opportunity, he has a huge amount to offer every type of performing artist.

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