Gemima Jones

Gemima Jones is a quirky Melbourne-based contortionist, unwelcome at most parties due to a tendency to pour drinks with her feet.

In 2016, abandoning a promising career in Journalism, she fled to Queensland to join Ashton’s Circus as a professional human oddity; she has been upside-down, inside-out and looking backwards ever since. 

Gemima Jones now works as a multi-disciplinary circus artist performing at cabaret shows, high-end corporate events, and circuses Australia-wide.

When she’s not busy being a professional pretzel, you’ll catch her competing in national competitions like Australian Ninja Warrior and the Australian Circus Festival.

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Gemima Jones

I met Ira at the 2017 Australian Circus Festival, after premiering my contortion act & placing 3rd in the professional division.

You are an absolute clown, he said. 

I didn’t understand it at the time, but those words changed the course of my artistic practice; Ira gave me licence to further explore my unconventional approach to the very traditional discipline in which I was formally trained.

I later attended Ira’s workshops in Canberra & Sydney, where we identified my comfort zone & brusquely shoved me out of it.

Ira’s method is efficient in achieving its purpose & practical in execution. The exercises are given with clear intention & logical explanation, which enabled me to incorporate elements of clown into my daily circus training.

Beyond his workshops, Ira is a wise mentor & generous giver of time, knowledge, and expertise. He has shown me how to pull richness from a simple body in a space—no props, music, or sparkles required; for all performers, this is universally useful.

Ira Seidenstein