Frane Meden

Frane Meden is an actor, performer and teacher based in Pula, Croatia.

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Frane Meden, I.S.A.A.C. associate

Through the practice of 'Seven solos' I gained awareness that there is a moment where magical feeling of movement comes to creation through the body at first, then the mind follows with a question 'What could it be?' and the vast space of possibilities emerges. Among the possibilities it’s hard to choose one answer but it is the greatest pleasure to experience so many of them.

Ira's exercises are bringing connection between body, mind and spirit in a conditioning way for the body to put the effort to move. The mind then decides if it is acceptable or changeable enough to play with. Then the spirit is there to give the movement a life and a way to enjoy within it.

There is a great easiness in Ira's direct and firm approach to teaching through which I found out that suffering for your art is just my mind holding on and not letting the body and spirit to enjoy.

Ira Seidenstein