Emily Joy

​​​Emily Joy is an Australian actress.

​To prepare for recent auditions I have extensively warmed up the body, voice and imagination based on, but not limited to, Ira's Core Mechanics. Those Core principles I have employed in each audition while acting have been: being bold, showing myself, seeing them seeing me, engaging my entire body and using predominantly lower voice register. Also walking in with calmness, confidence and clarity. Knowing what I need to do without being distracted by the auditioner's reaction or lack there of.

I have also made sure to find a point of difference and offer bold interpretations of the script- finding the opposite, clowning and such. I have remained open to impulses. It has been wonderfully liberating to work in this way. I am no longer worrying with thoughts like, "oh I hope they like me" but rather celebrating my unique qualities and going after my characters Want. This has determined whether my audition is successful: not if I get cast but if I have performed with truth and risk. This way I have never left the room disappointed.

I was originally being considered for the role of Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew but after my audition, the director pulled me aside and said, 'To cast you in three scenes would be a waste. You have such incredible presence and intelligence. We want to give you a challenge; a role to truly sink your teeth into. That's why we would love you to play Biondello the clown and servant to Petruchio.' I am absolutely thrilled my first professional production is a Shakespearean comedy!! Thank you, Ira. The work you did with me last November for drama schools has stayed with me all this year. I used the Juliet speech we unlocked as my initial audition piece for Shrew. You continue to support and inspire me and I am so grateful.

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