Elena Michielin

​​​Elena Michielin is originary from Italy. She is a professionally trained actress and physical performer, graduated in Drama and Visual Art from the University of Padua. She began her acting career with a Commedia dell'Arte troupe in Venice.

In 2007 she moved to Paris to study at the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. Since 2009 she trains with Ira Seidenstein and co-assisted him during the Bagni di Lucca's Art Festival, for the shows “Commedia Toto” and “Woman In Rags”. In 2014 she joined the Improfessionals. Nowadays she is the co-director of the italian acting group Rital-Teatro, perform and work with Vini Carvalho artistic director of Fool's Cap Theatre, and recently played in Macbeth with the London based company The Factory Theatre.

She regularly teaches to adults and children Commedia dell’Arte and physical theatre.

Elena Michielin as the Actress in "Commedia Totò" directed by Ira.

​I met the “Doctor” at the very beginning of my career, after one of his first workshop's in Paris a friend of mine came screaming “ I just had the most incredible acting experience of my life”, so young and curious I signed up for next one, almost ten years have passed since and each time I have the pleasure and fortune to work with Ira it stills the most incredible acting and life experience.

The Doctor - as I like to call him not just because he is academically invested with this title, but because of his capacity to see through everyone and make them blossom as human being and artists - literally gives you a practice you can bring home to work, create with and most amazingly it transforms and grows with you.

His principles and exercises, guides and enable you to stand on your feet professionally as well as in personal life. Using his work I've learned the importance of fundamentals, of being responsible for yourself, your training and the joy this brings to your creativity.

He always encourages to go out and see the world, find other teachers, directors, to add details, adjusts, build your own method, and when you get lost he is always there to help you find yourself again. As he once said during a workshop “When you get lost come back to the beginning”.

With no hesitation I recommend Ira's work as a concrete and practical first step in the adventure of realizing your dreams.

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