Christopher Howell

​​​Christopher has a BA (Hons, double-major) in Theatre Arts and Studio Arts and trained as a classical singer at the Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna, Italy.  Based in London, he now performs internationally as a magician as well as in his magic variety act Norvil & Josephine.

You can read a blog post on Christopher's experience with Ira Seidenstein's technique here.

​Ira's method has been a freeing experience for my creativity a performer.  On a personal level, Ira is perceptive to what each student needs and he knows what to give them to help them reach their potential.  His method has been invaluable in helping me 'get out of my head' as a performer.  By learning how to tap into my body's creative impulses, I've learned that once you start to develop access to your body’s ‘intelligence,’ you also begin to nurture a light-speed connection between your body’s impulses and your brain’s awareness.  Ira offers concrete steps and exercises that - when honed - offer really limitless possibilities.

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