Amanda Bishop

​Amanda Bishop is a noteworthy Australian actress, singer, comedienne. Currently still revered for her impersonation and interpretation of Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Amanda wrote and created the TV show "At Home With Julia". She has acted in the Sydney Theatre Company's Wharf Revue from 2008-2014. In the Wharf Revue 2013 she moved away from her fame as "Julia Gillard" and portrayed more than six other characters.

​I have known Ira and enjoyed his career for almost 20 years, as a teacher, friend and performer. Ira lives and breathes his work and has committed his entire adult life to exploring and communicating the truth of Clowning.

Ira lives for each workshop on a community level, for each performance on a global level and articulates his findings for all souls. His Doctorate is in Education and formalized his philosophy 'Quantum Theatre: Slapstick to Shakespeare'. I have observed and participated in some of his workshops, and enjoyed his support of my own work both on stage and screen.

Because my own work is primarily word driven, I would seek Ira's tuition for physical theatrical education should those roles take their place in my working (and recreational!) life. My physical being feels safe and cared for (with extreme caution) when Ira is teaching. His endless years of physical training and respect to the longevity of a performing career, are a joy and inspiration to witness.

He is invited repeatedly to return to communities to share his work, theories and work tools. His development of 'The Four Articulations for Performance and Theatre', 'Core Mechanics' also his definitions of a clown, are a performer's lifetime of training in themselves.

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