Alice Williams

​Alice Williams is a performance maker, theatre director, and phd researcher.

Links to her work as perfomance maker and theatre director: The Seagull, Impossible Plays, Jude the Obscure

​Ira's work has been an essential part of the formation of my creative language. Of course I had my own creative vernacular before working with Ira, but the structure of his work helped me to see my performances as a discipline and a craft.

The structure and detail of his physical worked helped me to understand my own impulses and to see them as material in my work, rather than happy accidents of creativity. And so his craft has helped my practice to structure itself around my impulses and interests. And now I'm able to start working on creating new accidents and new kinds of creative energy and luck, to produce accidents more consistently and creatively with more control all the time.

I feel I have been able to work with Ira so well because he creates a space where, alongside the discipline of the craft, the job I have is to follow my own creativity and honour my own impulses. Even when these are difficult or contradictory to the language of the class, or even different to Ira's own interests, this is beneficial for me.

Ira's teaching has also helped my intellectual work to open and my creative work to find roots in historic trainings and practices, its a kind of work that I can not recommend enough. Thanks Ira for all of your help and boundless creative energy. And for being a wild flower.

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