Learning To Learn: struggle is the DNA of being an artist

By Ira Seidenstein

September 19, 2023

Performer/Artist Michael Moschen in the video here provided tells of his high school friend Penn who became a great and famous magician. Moschen, extraordinary artist and performer tells a few important bits about his amazing career and art and more. One snippet is about a book on Magic, with instructions. Penn borrowed that book from the library. Penn, Michael and his Brother began to struggle with the instructions with the book that changed their lives.

It is the willingness to struggle that was and is crucial.

Naturally most people try to avoid struggle. But for an artist struggle is the DNA of being an artist. Chapter 2 of Clown Secret is the template of exercises that I recommend for performers. This blog/essay includes the first few pages of Chapter 2 of Clown Secret. The exercises and their instructions are extremely beneficial for any performer, as well as for teachers of performers and for directors and choreographers of performers. Like the book that Penn and Michael struggled with, there are instructions. In Clown Secret, there are step-by-step instructions and even clear directions of how to work with the instructions. Anyways, Michael’s art and ideas are wonderful!!


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Ira Seidenstein