57 Female Clown Short Films

By Ira Seidenstein

May 13, 2021

There were four young girls who had the lead role in the Alice Comedies started in 1923. The first young actress was Virginia Davis and she acted in the first 14 films.

“Recalling her work on the Alice Comedies, Davis said, “It was a great time – full of fun, adventure, and ‘let’s pretend.’ I adored and idolized Walt, as any child would. He would direct me in a large manner with great sweeping gestures. One of my favorite pictures was Alice’s Wild West Show. I was always the kid with the curls, but I was really a tomboy, and that picture allowed me to act tough. I took great joy in that.”

The producer/editor was Margaret J Winkler Mintz whose professional name she chose to not show her gender as “M.J. Winkler”.



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Ira Seidenstein