Fabulous Fable

By Ira Seidenstein

April 13, 2021

“Revenge of the myth” Gershom Scholem

According to Indigenous cultures, their myths are truthful. Their knowledge of the mystical side of life and the Universe is encoded in their myths.

Cultural systems such as Indigenous; Taoism; Vedic; Kabbalistic are no more far fetched than Quantum Mechanics and the as yet unprovable Big Bang. The Big Bang is a myth. It is a story based on science and assumptions . Once the Big Bang is proved there will be the question: What preceded the Big Bang. All cultures so it seems have Creation myths. Some of those myths are very similar to the story of The Big Bang although they are not mathematically based as Quantum Physics is.

An actor is like a mythological creature that is nothing more than a creative tool or an embodied voice box for a playwright’s ideas and words. The actor is like a prophet that channels the words dictated to its consciousness.

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Ira Seidenstein