Amanda-Lyn Pearson

​Amanda-Lyn Pearson is the creator and director of The Crackup Sisters.

​I’ve worked with Ira for 9 years. Ira has worked with us as soloists, we’ve attended his workshops and had him for private coaching of The Crackup Sisters. Ira is brilliant in every aspect of clown, theatre, act creation and intimately understands the personal journey of the artist. As a coach he concisely pin points problems, creates many solutions and directs with the broadest of mind and most generous spirit – the spirit to help each of his students become the very best they can be. To achieve fun and control in their craft. Whenever we work with new people in the Crackup Sisters we send them to a course with Ira – this provides us with a shared language and a set of tools that are practical for their actor, acrobat, dancer and performer in us all. He has an incredible ability to work with people on their level. He is a teacher for a lifetime. We are very honoured to call him Pappy.

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